Alanna Randall Beckwith

Probably shouldn’t date the locals

In Cayo, Uncategorized on December 5, 2012 at 12:16 am

December 5, 2002

So, you may know by now that i’ve been dating Mike  in my village. He’s been saying since i met him that he wants me for his wife. and once i started seeing him he is convinced that he’s going  to marry me….and he tells everyone…everyone.
 I just talked with the village chairman and this other guy, oh, apparently mike told them the wedding is the
 24th…this month…or they were just shitting me.
 It was the third time today alone when someone asked me when i’m getting married. I’M NOT FUCKING GETTING

arghhhhhhhhhhh today, i just hate this country.
… I want to put on the brakes. tell him to go away and leave me alone….  that’s now, the problem is that he is a likable
 guy. he’s nice.  I’m attempting to keep my head and think straight at all times.but it can be so  hard.
  I assume he only wants to marry me so that he can get an easy ticket to the states..


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