Alanna Randall Beckwith

Definitely should not date the locals

In Cayo, Uncategorized on January 8, 2013 at 12:28 am

Happy New Year to you,  i am off to a good? start this year. Broke up with MIke because of a drunken incident (he came over uninvited, woke me from my sleep with banging on the door, saying ‘alane, please’ and busted through the
 door that wasn’t latching properly. I have since fixed the door and since broken it off with mike. I didn’t recognize myself when i was yelling at him. He was pissing me off because he kept going into my bedroom as if he owned the place. I was pissed, so i yelled, don’t go in there, grabbing him from the shirt…RIPPPPPP oops, i tore his shirt. I didn’t care though…
i’m not putting up with a macho drunk idiot.
  so that’s that.
And then ther is the village politics. My landlord doesn’t like mike because of a past incident when he dated a daughter of his i think. So, Mr. Dan was telling me that Mike isn’t allowed up at my house…
  oh well.
  that’s it for dating belizeans for me. I tried, i  failed.


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