Alanna Randall Beckwith

More Problems with mike

In Cayo, Uncategorized on January 28, 2013 at 12:45 am


i’m still having mike problems. he came over yesterday and got me all worked up…why? I’ve never felt so much rage towards someone….maybe i did like  him more than just a little….anyway, i’ve never felt like i needed to hit someone or strangle someone like  i’ve wanted to do to him… I think i will seriously need therapy soon! why was i so damn mad?
Because after telling him i don’t want to talk, he hangs around anyway, keeps asking me the same damn thing,
but doesn’t understand my explanations anyway, but his only main concern is that i don’t get a next boyfriend to put shame on him. He does not want to have to see me with another guy. So, he points his finger in to my face saying promise me you won’t…and I tell him to fuck off, who is he to tell me what to do…and i threaten him with the police after he says he’s coming by tomorrow (today)…blah blah blah..
my ulcer is inflamed and i’ve never known anxiety like i know it now.  I’m basically fine, otherwise.the police bit is a
bit of a bluff, especially since i don’t have a phone and would have to use his sister’s phone. The main reason i said it is because after i told my friend about how he climbed through my window obviously uninvited she said, CALL THE POLICE….so Ugh!!!!! these goddamn macho men, annoys the hell out of me.
yes, as long as i keep doing that, I will be fine.


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