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How to be a Winner

In Cayo, Uncategorized on February 1, 2013 at 4:11 pm


I’ve been putting in more of an effort to WALK…It does suck while i’m sweating & trudging up steep hills, but i do always feel better. I’ve been wearing headphones while doing it, which really helps.   I’ve had more and more trouble with this ex-boyfriend…yesterday he lied to my landlord’s daughter, saying he had my permission to enter to look
for his social security card…which isn’t at my house…he went in and stole three pictures of me… I was pissed to say the least when I found out.  I walked down and talked to his sister, and told her that she need s to talk to him, or i will report him to the police.

My country director says to avoid going to the police if I can, and if i need to take a vacation to get clearance from my supervisors and let themknow…and he agreed that I should stop dating belizean men!…that’s it….because I don’t feel it’ll turn into a violent situation

Life is never dull

Since the wednesday photo thievery, I hadn’t heard from Mike until this morning. He sent one of his family meembers to my house with a book (self help on how to be a winner) and a note…which i have here.  Let me type it out for you , complete withgrammar/spelling errors so that you too can enjoy it…

Hola Alana Ryan Randall
 Hola Alana Ryan Randall
 I am living please dont hate me because you are the only woman I get to love so much in my life nobody will use your place that you use In the deepest part of my heart I will be loving you for ever because you are my shining star who will be guiding me becaus because you are the woman who who  make me change my life make me do the Right things thats why I need you to be my girlfriend again not now but I make before you leave the country. loser live in classic syle in the never land called Someday i’ll” winner live each day as if their last not in the future, not in the past and someday….. becomes now’ please leave your adress your phone number from your mom house mabe i will not see you before you leave so I could call you at your mom house leave it with faldy my sister all my family love you just like me I love you alana
I think he may have actually read a bit of the book on how to be a winner, but he didn’t learn anything about spelling.  I’m debating on actually writing him a note back to spell it out for him that I will never be his girlfriend again.



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